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NEUROKINETIC THERAPY or NKT has been called the missing link. It’s an innovative approach to manual muscle testing based on the premise that when an individual experiences injury certain muscles shut down or become inhibited forcing other muscles to take over and become overworked.

The practitioner will teach the client the specific release and show how to strengthen the underworking muscle. The client needs to participate in the “homework” given by the practitioner to make the testing results fully integrate into their system thus keeping pain away and strengthening weakness. is proud to offer NKT through Kristen Wallner, our certified NKT therapist.

It generally takes three sessions of NKT to resolve a specific issue. Sessions are 1 hour in length, except the first which can be up to 1 and a half hours to take into account patient history. Sessions are $75 but we are currently offering a three session package for $199. Sign up today.

Find out more at provides Personal Training with an emphasis on functional and core strength. Functional Training is a classification of exercise which involves training the body and mind for the activities performed in daily life.

Pilates works to restore the natural function of the spine, joints, and balances muscles. Pilates is the perfect approach to training whether you are an elite athlete or rehabbing an injury.

For a limited time is happy to offer 4 private training sessions for $239 $219

Body Core

Why is your Core so important?

Your core consists of :

    • Deep abdominal muscles (Transverse muscle, Looks and acts like a corset)
    • Oblique muscles
    • Lower abs (Pelvic floor muscles)
    • multifidus (deep low back muscles)

These muscles, in theory, should support your back and keep your body in proper alignment, so your back muscles have support to hold you upright.

Weakness and lack of strength pull your neck out of alignment and then your body starts pulling all your back muscles tighter because your upper body starts leaning forward.

Your Core also supports strong leg and arm movement.

If your core is not strong and fired it can cause pain not only in back and neck, also shoulders, arms, hands knee and hip pain, foot and ankle pain (Planter fasciitis and the like).

Lack of Core strength, lack of strength in general causes a lot of PAIN!

If you you would like an assessment of your Core strength get in touch today!