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Body Core

Why is your Core so important?

Your core consists of :

    • Deep abdominal muscles (Transverse muscle, Looks and acts like a corset)
    • Oblique muscles
    • Lower abs (Pelvic floor muscles)
    • multifidus (deep low back muscles)

These muscles, in theory, should support your back and keep your body in proper alignment, so your back muscles have support to hold you upright.

Weakness and lack of strength pull your neck out of alignment and then your body starts pulling all your back muscles tighter because your upper body starts leaning forward.

Your Core also supports strong leg and arm movement.

If your core is not strong and fired it can cause pain not only in back and neck, also shoulders, arms, hands knee and hip pain, foot and ankle pain (Planter fasciitis and the like).

Lack of Core strength, lack of strength in general causes a lot of PAIN!

If you you would like an assessment of your Core strength get in touch today!

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